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GTGC employs a wide range of technical and management experts who exude professionalism and thrive upon it


Ghantoot Transport and General Contracting Establishment – Roads Division (GTGC) is a division of the prominent Ghantoot Group, with a progressive and inspiring history spanning 25 years. First and foremost, GTGC is a renowned road and bridge builder, responsible for developing some of the renowned projects and landmarks in the history of the United Arab Emirates. New concepts and the ability to remain fast, flexible and efficient coupled with modern construction process flow allows it to remain competitive.

To change the facet of Roads, Bridges and Infrastructure Development by bringing innovative and inspiring ideas, which creates a lasting impression in the region.

Following terms constitute our vision : Professionalism, Integrity, Durability, Reliability, Quality Workmanship, Customer Satisfaction, Team Work, Growth & Development.

GTGC’s expertise and professionalism is alerting organizations much further a field than its traditional geographical sphere, with Ghantoot Transport looking to move out into other GCC Countries shortly.

We aim at safety of our employees and in developing exceptional projects that creates an impression.